Get Excited for the Viroqua Harvest Parade!

The Viroqua Harvest Parade celebrates the region’s harvest in a unique and fun way! We promise it will be unlike any parade you’ve ever seen! Almost like a combination of a circus and a parade, the Viroqua Harvest Parade features gigantic handmade puppets, juggling clowns, a fire show, and more! Join us at the parade on the second Saturday of October at 2 p.m., and don’t miss local food, music, and other performances in the park afterward!

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The Viroqua Harvest Parade Attractions

The Viroqua Harvest Parade began in 2010 to celebrate the harvest of the surrounding regions. The whole community gets involved with displays and costumes. But you won’t see floats driven by cars or tractors; this harvest-themed parade has a different take.


Hand-powered Puppets

Large “puppets” powered by people are one of the main attractions. You might see huge animals with people hidden inside, or a gigantic butterfly fluttering above someone’s shoulders. Everyone is encouraged to make their entries from recycled materials. This wild procession walks down main street to the delight of all the attendees. Need some visuals of this wacky and fun harvest celebration? Check out this YouTube video of last year’s Harvest Parade and see what all the fuss is about! Feel free to watch it go by or to join the procession!


Circus on the Street

Performers also walk down main street. Some will be juggling, some on very tall stilts, while others are dressed as clowns. Unicyclists also dart in and out, while costumed families and kids on scooters and bikes walk along. The entertainment value is delightful!


Party at the Park

The parade culminates in a large community party in the park. Local bands and musicians will perform, and local vendors will be on-site with food and drink for all! At dusk, find out what fire dancing is and be amazed!


Harvest and Fall at Westby House

Celebrating the harvest at the Viroqua Harvest Parade is one of many wonderful ways we enjoy fall at the Westby House Inn. So whether you come just to enjoy the changing fall colors or for a specific celebration, book your stay with us at Westby House! Our gourmet breakfast will start each day off right, and our comfortable, luxurious rooms will end each day right as well. But don’t wait – fall is one of the most popular times to visit the Driftless region, so we will book up quickly!  And for more suggestions and ideas on things to do during your stay, download our complimentary Vacation Guide. We hope to see you soon!