Why You Need to See These State Parks in Wisconsin

Everyone loves the incredible state parks in Wisconsin! Spending some time in nature is good for the soul, and we know yours will be refreshed by these outdoor locations.

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State Parks in Wisconsin

These distinctly different parks showcase forests, rivers, rock formations, and breathtaking views. Discover endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors at these state parks!


Wildcat Mountain State Park in Ontario, Wisconsin

Wildcat Mountain State Park sits on a steep ridge that overlooks the Kickapoo River. This park offers all sorts of activities: fishing, picnic areas, camping, bird and wildlife viewing, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horse back riding, and canoeing. (Click here for the best hiking in Wisconsin!)

Interesting fact: archaeologists have found evidence of humans living here that dates back to 2000 BCE! Indian rock shelters have also been discovered all around the park.


Mill Bluff State Park in Camp Douglas, Wisconsin

Mill Bluff State Park’s towering sandstone bluffs and picturesque rock formations amaze visitors. We love this park  for the picnicking, camping and hiking. And after working up a sweat, dip in the 2.5-acre spring-fed pond (or lounge on the pond’s beach). The park also allows small game hunting in sections of the park for short windows.

Mill Bluff’s main gates close in the off-season (October-April) but visitors can still park at the entrance and walk in.

Interesting fact: Mill Bluff’s sandstone buttes were islands in Glacial Lake Wisconsin during the Ice Age 12,000 years ago.


Perrot State Park in Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Visitors love Perrot State Park for its natural, archaeological, and historical resources. The Trempealeau River meets the Mississippi River at this state park and provides a wonderful habitat for birds and wildlife. It is also unique for the goat prairies located 500 feet in the air on its bluffs.

Nearby Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge offers more wildlife, hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing.

Interesting fact: Named for French explorer Nicolas Perrot, the park protects the site of one of the earliest encampments by European explorers in the area.


Kickapoo Valley Reserve

While not technically a state park, this public land offers some of the best in hiking, biking, camping, and river sports. Be sure to check out more about the Kickapoo Valley Reserve here!


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