4 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Ski Jumping Tournament at Snowflake Ski Club

Something very special happens in Westby early in February: the Ski Jumping Tournament at Snowflake Ski Club! This event is one-of-a-kind, and is a huge tradition around here. (That’s what happens when an event is almost 100 years old!) The Friday and Saturday of Ski Jumping Tournament weekend are packed with fun and community. If you go once, you’ll want to go again!

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The Snowflake Ski Club Ski Jumping Tournament

The all-volunteer Westby Ski Club held its first ski jumping tournament in 1923. Various hills and smaller jumps were used in the tournaments until 1961, when the current Olympic-length hill was finished. For warm weather fun, the 9-hole Snowflake Golf Course opened at the base of the jumps in 1989. (Read more about the Snowflake Golf Course on our blog!) But with winter approaching, here’s four reasons you can’t miss the Snowflake Ski Club Ski Jumping Tournament:


1. The Extreme Sport of Ski Jumping

It’s almost hard to describe how incredible it is to see someone flying 50 miles-per-hour from several stories high. The 118-meter ski jump is huge in person. You can watch the competition from the bottom, or from several vantage points higher up. Either way, you’ll be thrilled and terrified each time a jumper takes off. For some incredible photos that give you a better sense of scale, check out the Snowflake Ski Club Facebook page.


2. See Potential Olympic Athletes Compete

This isn’t just a local competition. The ski jump competitors come to the Snowflake Ski Club from all over the United States, as well as all over the world! From as close as Minneapolis to as far away as Norway, Finland, Austria, Japan, and Slovania, the jumpers are all here to win! Their talent and fearlessness is extraordinary! Some may even end up competing in the Winter Olympics.


3. Big Winter Party

The whole event usually turns into a bit of a huge tailgate party. People crowd around a massive bonfire, sipping hot chocolate. There’s local food and drink vendors there, as well as live music. Horse-drawn carriage sleigh rides and helicopter rides make it over-the-top special. Basically, just dress warmly and get ready to make some new friends at this community-style party.


4. Close to Westby House

For Snowflake Ski Club Ski Jump attendees, there’s not a better place to stay than Westby House Inn! We’re just five miles from the jump site, so you won’t waste time traveling. We’ll fuel you up for a day at the jumps with our full, gourmet breakfast. And after all that excitement, you’ll need a cozy, warm place to sleep. We’ve got that covered, too! Our luxurious rooms are the perfect place to snuggle in for a good night’s sleep. Check out our complimentary Vacation Guide for more fun winter activities near the Westby House Inn. The snow and hot chocolate are waiting for you!