Rhubarb Juice Popular at Westby House Inn Bed and Breakfast

Rhubarb Juice is a Hit at the Westby House Breakfast Table

My friend Danika brought me a large grocery bag of just harvested rhubarb.  Now, I love rhubarb in any fashion or form, but as a juice, that’s new to me. So here is recipe as posted on our Recipe page of the web site. Easy and very enjoyable!

 Rhubarb Juice
This recipe comes from the cookbook  Marathon County Back to Basics Cookbook.
Marathon County is located in the center of Wisconsin and is Marie’s
hometown County.  Rhubarb was always plentiful on the farm where
rhubarb crisps, pies, coffee cake, jelly and jam were made. You name it
my Mom put it in everything.  Now, Juice is something she did not think
of making with rhubarb!   This pretty pink beverage can be a base for
punch or slush too.    Can be canned or frozen for enjoyment 
throughout  the seasons.

2 lbs. Rhubarb, about 9-12 ribs  – cut into 4-5 inch lengths
5 cups water
Bring to low boil, cook until rhubarb are tender. Strain to remove all pulp. Discard pulp.

Add to the juice:
1/4 cup sugar per cup of juice (you can adjust the sweetness as you see fit.)  Spendia can be used also.
Bring to boil to dissolve sugar.
Cool juice, then refrigerate. 

For Punch- add 3/4 cup fruit juice (lemon, grapefruit, etc ) to each cup
of sweetened juice. Just before serving add 1 quart of gingerale or
white soda.
For Slush- To 2 quarts of Heated sweetened juice add 3oz. package of
strawberry gelatin and  dissolve. Let cool. Add 2 cups vodka. Pour into
freezer containers and freeze stirring occasionally until well chilled. 
To serve- 1/4 cup slush in glass, fill glass  with 7-up.