The Old Towne Inn Supper Club is One of Wisconsin’s Best

The Old Towne Inn Supper Club in Westby serves up some of the best in old-fashioned food and service. Locals and tourists alike flock here for the casual dining and excellent menu.

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The Wisconsin Supper Clubs

Wisconsin locals fully understand the tradition of the supper club. But visitors to our state might need a bit of history. Supper clubs became popular in the 1930s as a sort of “all night entertainment” destination. Diners would come for cocktail hour, stay for dinner, and partake in post-dinner cocktails as they enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.

Today, supper clubs primarily function as restaurants, not entertainment. But the focus on great cocktails and traditional American staple foods remains.

You’ll know you’re in a traditional Wisconsin supper club if:

(1) the décor seems like a throwback to the 1960s, with lots of wood involved.

(2) you’re offered a relish tray or salad to nibble on while you choose your main course.

(3) everyone at the bar is drinking an Old Fashioned made with brandy.

(4) the menu is heavy on traditional comfort foods.

(5) dessert is an ice cream drink spiked with liquor.

(6) the supper club is family owned and operated.

(7) it is only open for dinner.


Old Towne Inn Supper Club

The Old Towne Inn Supper Club serves a delicious, fresh salad bar and excellent entrees. With family-centered service, Old Towne Inn Supper Club continues to be one of the best restaurants in the Westby area.

As a local favorite, the Old Towne Inn Supper club opens the bar at 4 p.m., starts serving dinner at 5 p.m., and is only closed on Mondays. And since it’s only a mile and a half from the Westby House Inn, it remains a popular choice for our guests as well.


The Best of the Menu

For the traditional supper club experience, you should start off your dinner with a cocktail. Preferably, an Old Fashioned with brandy instead of whiskey. If you need to munch on something, they’ll have plenty of free popcorn available. Consider ordering the cheese curds from the appetizer menu. Then, hit the salad bar for traditional salads, along with some Wisconsin favorites like sauerkraut, creamed peas, and macaroni salad.

If it’s Friday, the fish fry special is a must. On any other day, beef is the star: top sirloin or prime rib. Wash it all down with an ice cream liquor drink: a grasshopper or a pink squirrel.

Of course, through the whole experience, you’ll be treated just like family. And you might even make a few new friends, too!


Stay at the Westby House Inn

The Westby House Inn is centrally located to lots of great dining and activities in the area. After a delicious meal at the Old Towne Inn Supper Club, it’s only a short drive (or walk!) back to Westby House. Take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town. You might even have a great view of a clear, starry sky.

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