A Guide to the Best Motorcycle Rides in Wisconsin

Motorcycle rides in Wisconsin offer a form of therapy, and it’s not hard to see why! Our landscape is a motorcyclist’s dream: twisting roads, jagged terrain, the ups and downs of forested hills and valleys. Plus, the scenery of limestone bluffs, fresh trout streams, quaint towns, and lots of delicious food along the way!

For more information on motorcycle routes in Wisconsin and other local info, check out our complimentary Vacation Guide. It’s packed with everything you need to know about our region to help you plan your perfect Driftless vacation.


Motorcycle Rides in Wisconsin

We’ve put together a little guide for some of the best motorcycle travel routes around here for you to enjoy. Westby House is a perfect home base for all of these great rides, so let us be your motorcycle route planner!


1. The La Crosse Route

This 104-mile route, listed as Route 1 by Driftless Destinations, is probably one of our favorites. This approximately 3-hour ride takes you through some of the best scenery and roads in the area. You’ll also pass the Rockton Bar, famous for their summer BBQ chicken. (Only on Sundays, and be sure you reserve one!). They are a favorite with motorcyclists because of the great food and their ability to accommodate large groups.

Driftless Destination has also mapped out five other awesome rides in the area, and these are all on our short list as well!

2. Kickapoo River Valley Route

For a shorter run, take a 20 minute ride from Westby to La Farge, and follow the 30 miles of winding roads and hilly terrain that cross the Kickapoo River twelve times. This also takes you through the Wildcat Mountain State Park, one of the best around. Once you’ve ended near Tomah, it’s 45 minutes back to Westby, or a bit longer depending on your route of choice.

3. Highway 35, La Crosse to Prairie Du Chien to Westby

This 111 mile, 2 hour and 15 minute ride begins in La Crosse and follows the mighty Mississippi River for a while before turning in Prairie Du Chien and heading back up to Westby. On your way back to Westby, you’ll be traveling through some Amish communities, so expect great scenery, and look out for buggies.

4. Wisconsin’s Great River Road

If you love the idea of riding down Highway 35 and following the Mississippi but wanted a longer trip, then the Great River Road is right up your alley. This drive is our only dedicated National Scenic Byway and has been voted the prettiest drive in the U.S.

From Kieler, we recommend taking the 90 mile trip back to Westby by heading north on Hwy 61 and then west on Hwy 14. This route could also be modified to be a loop, with Westby as home base, and would take about 5 hours and 30 minutes, without stops. (But trust us, you’ll want to take a few stops!)

5. Explore Local Amish communities

Getting on the back roads around Westby is a great way to explore some of our local Amish communities. Handmade signs scatter the roads in Amish Country to advertise what wares that farm sells. Just north of Westby, off Highway 27, is Country Road P. A trip down this road offers multiple opportunities to visit an Amish farm. Local roads off Highway 33 also will advertise Amish wares. Look for black, horse-drawn buggies laden with hay or other goods. Or maybe barefoot Amish schoolchildren, lunch pails in hand. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of some beautiful scenery!


An Easy Ride to Westby House

We always enjoy having motorcyclists as guests, helmet head and all! After a long day on your bike, enjoying the scenery of the area, our comfortable rooms give you the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. (How about a double whirlpool tub? Check out the Atrium Room and the Victorianne Room!). And our gourmet breakfast is the perfect start to a day full of adventure. While you’re figuring out which of these awesome rides you’d like to do, be sure to take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide, with tons of other attractions in the Driftless area.