La Crosse, Wisconsin History: 10 of the Most Unique Facts

Fountain pen in La Crosse Wisconsin historyLearn all about the unique La Crosse, Wisconsin, history with these ten unique facts. Enjoy your getaway in this historic area with many facts to be uncovered.

10 of the Most Unique Facts About La Crosse, Wisconsin History

  1. The first Europeans to see La Crosse were French fur traders. These traders traveled the Mississippi River in the late 17th century, even though there was no record of any visit until 1805.
  2. The first white settlement occurred in 1841 in La Crosse. The settlement was started by New York native, Nathan Myrick, who moved to the area for fur trading.
  3. La Crosse features a temperate, continental climate. July is the warmest month of the year with an average high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and January is the coldest month of the year with a mean low temperature of 6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. La Crosse has 17 voting districts and about seven neighborhoods. The communities include Washburn, Historic Cass & King, Historic Downtown, Northside (Upper and Lower) and Old Towne, Hungary Point, Mud City, and College Park (UW – La Crosse campus district).
  5. The population of La Crosse has grown significantly since the 19th century. In 1860, the city had a population of 3,860 and the estimate as of 2014 is a population of 52,440.
  6. The city’s tap drinking water won the best natural tasting water award in September of 2007. Their tap water comes from a deep underground Artesian aquifer and is still some of the best tap water in the area.
  7. The Dahl and Co. General Store in Westby, WI, was one of the first places to sell Ford Model T’s. After a few years, the Dahl family expanded their company to La Crosse.
  8. You can see the Mississippi River, Minnesota, and Iowa from the Grandad Bluff in La Crosse. This bluff stands 600 feet tall and is a popular attraction for New Year’s fireworks and visitors near and far.
  9. La Crosse has six sister cities. These cities include Bantry, Ireland, Dubna, Russia, Epinal, France, Friedberg, Bavaria Germany, Førde Norway, and Luoyang, China.
  10. La Crosse remains Wisconsin’s largest city on the state’s western border. Recent educational institutions have led the city toward becoming a regional medical and technology hub.

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