All You Need to Know About the La Crosse River Trail

If you are the kind of traveler who enjoys uncovering the secrets of the places you visit, then we have the perfect activity for you. Discover the La Crosse River Trail on your journey through Wisconsin and unwind as you walk or bike along this lovely state trail. More than just an outdoorsy adventure, the La Crosse River Trail offers a soothing, historical experience, and you don’t want to miss it! Read on to find out more about this local favorite and plan your stay at Westby House Inn.


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Discover How You Can Spend Your Time on the La Crosse River Trail


What Is the La Crosse River Trail?


The La Crosse River Trail was created out of the remains of the abandoned Chicago and Northwestern railroad from the 1870’s. Located between Sparta and Onalaska, this 22-mile trail offers beautiful scenery and landscapes such as prairie, farmland, trout streams, forests, and wetlands. No need to be an expert to hike along the trail its smooth surface makes it easy for both adults and children.



  • From Sparta: Start at the depot at 111 Milwaukee Street, Spara. Exit I-90 on State Highway 16/71 and go west towards Water Street.


  • Bangor: Exit I-90 on State Highway 162 and go north about 0.3 miles.


  • Medary: The trailhead is located a mile east of North La Crosse. Exit I-90 on State Highway and continue south towards Highway B. A bridge connects the La Crosse River State Trail to the Great River State Trail to the north.


Things to Do

Now that you know  about the history of La Crosse River Trail, it’s time to look at all the things you can do there. If you love nature and enjoy the outdoors, it’s the perfect day trip activity!



The La Crosse River Trail is a great spot for bikers. The trail offers four different routes for you to enjoy all the wildlife and nature of La Crosse. It’s not rare to see migrating waterfowl, beaver, red foxes, and even red otters. Go through old towns like West Salem, founded in 1850’s, and discover all the cafes where you can grab a bite on Leonard Street., and Then, continue your journey through the deep farmlands of Wisconsin.


Winter Activities

Due to the flat nature of the La Crosse River Trail, snowmobiles are allowed during the winter months. Users must obey Wisconsin laws but are free to ride. You can also enjoy the snow-covered scenery with activities like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing! Just be mindful of the snowmobiles.


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