The Best Places to Go Kayaking on the Mississippi

Imagine yourself on the water with no one around you but your loved ones and the dense trees in the distance. The La Crosse, WI, area is nestled in a stunningly abundant natural setting, and a wonderful way to experience it is to kayak the Mississippi. There is so much to do outdoors that this activity makes for the perfect day trip. It will enchant the little ones as well as adults! Relax and enjoy a moment of fun with these great places to go kayaking on the Mississippi.

Once you discover the joys of kayaking the Mississippi, experience other outdoor activities in the Driftless area. Download our free Vacation Guide and discover our local suggestions for family adventures, wonderful restaurants, museums, and more! We can help you make the most out of your Wisconsin getaway during your stay at Westby House Inn.

Go on an Adventure Kayaking the Mississippi

Here are the three of the best spots where you can kayak the Mississippi.


Goose Island County Park

Goose Island is located at the heart of the upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. This beautiful little island is the golden spot for kayaking the Mississippi since it is away from all the water traffic and dangerous currents. Go on an amazing adventure as you step into your kayak and let the beauty of nature surround you.

Relax in the peaceful surroundings as the birds chirp above you and the water reflects the blue sky like a mirror. It’s perfect for escaping the stress and reconnecting with Mother Nature. Get lost in the sound of the water flowing against the rocks and pay attention to the smooth wind blowing through the trees. Get off your kayak and explore the island where you can see some deers and minks. Your little ones will love it!


Black River

Discover the La Crosse area like never before on the Black River route. Drift along the many sandbars of this Mississippi backwater river and observe the many pines and spruces standing next to you. The Black River can be more challenging and will appeal to adrenaline seekers as it is paved with narrow channels and first class rapids. It’s also a popular fishing spot so don’t forget your to bring your rods and bait!


La Crosse River

The La Crosse River is a a calmer path for less adventurous travelers. The Mississippi River can be quite rough at times, so if you are looking for something off the beaten path, the La Crosse River is the perfect pick for you. Leading directly to the Mississippi, it offers a beautiful scenery as you flow down the water stream, passing by lush trees and a variety of bird species. Spend two relaxing hours with your friends and families and discover a different side of La Crosse.


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