5 of the Best Spots for Fly Fishing in Wisconsin

Fly fishing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to many creeks, streams, and rivers. With so many bodies of water to choose from, a fishing excursion during your visit is almost inevitable. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have hardly touched a fishing pole in your life, you’ll find fly fishing in Wisconsin to be a fun and memorable experience. To help get you started, here are just a few of our personal favorite fishing spots near our Wisconsin bed and breakfast.

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Top 5 Spots for Fly Fishing in Wisconsin

  1. Castle Rock Creek
    While this stream may be known for its fertile fishing, it is one of the most challenging fishing spots in the entire state. Often green in color, this creek is flows deep and slow and has a lot of weed growth which supports a lot of insects and crustaceans. The Castle Rock Spring makes sure that the water at this creek is always cold and clean. While this is a favorite fly fishing spot, it supports a lot of fish and your average angler doesn’t have to walk too far to find their next catch.
  2. Timber Coulee
    The recipient of about $500,000 of stream improvements, the Timber Coulee is the perfect place to fly fish. This stream has an artificial look to it as it runs narrow and swiftly through cow pastures. You won’t find a lot of large fish in this stream, but the smaller fish are plentiful. If you’re looking for some solitude, head to some of the older sections of the Timber Coulee to get away from the crowds.
  3. Black Earth Creek
    If you’re seeking trout fishing, this is the creek for you. Located extremely close to Madison, WI, this is considered a gem of a trout stream. After a few years of fish kills from run off of farmers fields and siltation problems, this creek is still improving. Even with the issues in the past years, this stream is rarely empty. While you won’t find a plethora of solitude here, you are nearly guaranteed to get a catch.
  4. West Fork of the Kickapoo River
    As one of the most well cared for streams in the area, this was once the best stream in the state and has plans to regain that title. The West Fork Sportsman’s Club have put in a lot of effort and money to improve this stream. While dry dams and small flowages are still a problem, there is still fishing available. Locals ask that the stream’s visitors do their best to refrain from stressing the fish any more than they need to be. With a healthy population of naturally reproducing fish and the supplemented stocking of “wild” fish, this stream will be back to it’s former glory in no time.
  5. Big Green River
    At the top of this river it runs narrow and flows mostly through pastures, but as it reaches the Wisconsin River it becomes wider and deeper. This river is easily accessed by the roads which run in the river valley. While the catch and release section of the river is usually fairly busy, there are other parts of the river you can seek out to find solitude. The Big Green River has been self-sustaining since the smaller streams around it were planted with wild fish.

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