Where Are the Best Cheese Shops in Wisconsin?


Even if you know very little about our state, you know that we are known for (and very proud of!) the excellent cheese shops in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the largest producer of cheese in the US (over 2.9 billion in 2014!) with more than 600 different varieties.

And the state has totally embraced our “cheesy” success. “Cheese really is part of our identity,” said Terese Allen, former president of the Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin, in a 2006 New York Times article. “Cheese is the perfect illustration of the Wisconsin personality — casual, fun people who like to make fun of things, including ourselves.”

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Westby – Where You’ll Find the Best Cheese Shops in Wisconsin!

If you’re looking for the best cheese shops in Wisconsin, look no further than the Westby area, considered the “heart of dairy country.” So let’s have a little fun and get ready to “Say Cheese!”


1. Westby Cooperative Creamery

More than 200 local dairy farmers are members/owners of the Westby Cooperative Creamery, and their products (hard cheese, cheese curds, cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, dips, yogurt) can be found in stores across the state. All of the farmers are producing dairy that’s rBst-free, and many are organic as well. For the best selection, shop in their Creamery Cheese Store. We use and enjoy their cheeses a lot; in fact, if you do one of our specials or add-ons that involve cheese, it might come from the Westby Creamery!



2. Old Country Cheese

Old Country Cheese makes their cheese with locally-sourced Amish milk. More than 230 Amish farms contribute milk for production here. Their factory outlet store offers a wide selection of these cheeses, along with other Amish crafts, candies, jams, and more! You can also order online.


3. Nordic Creamery Cheese

A Westby favorite, Nordic Creamery is a family-owned farm (4th generation!) that makes delicious, hormone-and-additive-free cheeses and butter from goats, sheep, and cows. Their creamery also has 16 flavors of ice cream available to hand scoop for you, and some delicious meat products as well (be sure to check out the buttermilk-fed pork!).


4. Pasture Pride Cheese

Pasture Pride Cheese also uses milk from local Amish farms to make a variety of cheeses. But they are probably best well known for their award-winning “Juusto Cheese.” This Finnish-baked cheese is wildly popular and has won “best of show” in numerous competitions. Large windows in their store allow you to watch the cheese being made!


5. Hidden Springs Creamery

Hidden Springs Creamery, a  husband/wife-owned sheep farm, takes pride in “sustainable” farming, and specialize in sheep milk from their “Ladies.” Sheep’s milk is a great choice for those who might be sensitive to cow milk, and it tastes incredible as well! We are a big fan of their seasonal cheeses, so be sure to check those out. Call before you visit: 608-634-2521.


6. Organic Valley Cheeses

With dairy products available in grocery stores nationwide, Organic Valley is headquartered right here in Wisconsin. The headquarters is in La Farge, with a facility in Cashton as well!


* Side note: For access to smaller farms selling their cheeses, as well as many other unique and handcrafted items, the Viroqua Farmer’s Market is an absolute must.


Stay at Westby House Inn – Not Too Cheesy

Cheese Shops WisconsinWhen you’ve had your fill of all that cheese (and definitely some wine, as well!), come on back home to Westby, where our beautiful Victorian rooms will have you comfortable in the lap of luxury. And we prepare a homemade gourmet breakfast each morning to send you on your way for whatever adventures (or cheeses!) await you. For more on the exciting and unique things to do in the Driftless area, download our complimentary Vacation Guide.