Apple Season in Southwest Wisconsin Brings Fall Leaves

Folks are thinking apples already! Reservations are coming in every day with visiting the apple orchards on the list of ‘things to do’ when they get to the Westby House Inn.   With the mild summer and cool temps it is hard to believe apples and fall leaf color are just around the corner.

Orchards are plotted across many acres within the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin and La Crescent Minnesota.Visiting these orchards gets a person in the mood for baking fresh pies, or canning applesauce to enjoy throughout the winter. I have personal experience growing up in both of those kitchen activities. It was fun once the many bushels of apples were peeled.

A leisure 35 minute drive from the Inn to Gays Mills Wisconsin will put you in the center of the largest and most concentrated apple orchard area in the Tri-States. The apple harvest starts with early apples in August, and continues through mid-October. Apple salesrooms are open every day and some until Christmas. The Annual Gays Mills Apple Festival is the last full weekend in September.  Enjoy the orchard experience from Highways 61 and 171 east of Gays Mills.

Another usual question we get asked  is “just when is the best time for fall color around here”?  I use to tell how soon it would be peak by a 75+ year old maple that stood so tall on property, but is no longer. Best guess would be any time in the first two weeks in October. You will see color, how much depends on the unpredictable wind and rain.

Think apples today as we may be thinking snow sooner than we care too!! The apple orchards and fall leaves await your exploring.