Top 4 Things You Should Experience in Amish Communities in Wisconsin

Travelers who enjoy life’s simple pleasures will enjoy a peek into the Amish communities in Wisconsin. The Amish are well-known for their simplicity of dress and lifestyle. They often reject modern conveniences like cars and electricity. The lives of the Amish intrigue visitors from around the world.

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Amish Communities in Wisconsin

Vernon County has several well-established Amish communities in Viroqua, Cashton, Hillsboro, Chaseburg, and Stoddard. While these communities are very welcoming, they do ask that we respect them in two ways: (1) they do not like to be photographed and (2) they do not accept visitors on Sundays.

But there are still lots of great ways to interact with our Amish communities in Wisconsin!

1. Explore Down a Country Road

The Village Shops at Down a Country Road showcase Amish items in a unique setting. Six shops, all built by the Amish, are set up like a small town. You’ll find housewares, furniture, items for children, specialty food items and more. Visit their website to find out more information on the shops. Approximately 45 Amish families sell their goods here.

2. Take a Tour

The Kuderer family farm, where Down a Country Road is located, also offers some excellent tours of the Amish communities. You can chose to take a self-guided tour, which includes a book, a map, and a guide. Or, you can take a guided tour. Guided tours require a reservation, and operate from May – October. These tours are available by motorcoach, in your personal vehicle, or school bus.

3. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

The Viroqua Farmer’s Market always offers an abundance of some of the best Amish wares. From quilts to jams to woodwork, you’ll find it here. And, you can meet the Amish who sell them. The Viroqua Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from May – October.

4. Enjoy a Road Trip

Handmade signs scattered down the roads in Amish Country will announce to passersby what wares that farm sells. Just north of Westby off Highway 27 is Country Road P. A trip down this road offers multiple opportunities to visit an Amish farm. Local roads off Highway 33 also will advertise Amish wares. Look for black, horse-drawn buggies laden with hay or other goods. Or maybe barefoot Amish schoolchildren, lunch pails in hand. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of some beautiful scenery!


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